Hi! My name is Valerie Lynn, and I created The Golden Mind Project to empower students and teachers alike to tap into their own personal power and ride life’s waves with grace and ease.

With over 2,000 hours of teaching yoga (including group classes, private sessions, teacher trainings, mentoring, workshops and retreats), I have fine-tuned my approach of sharing yoga in a way that is accessible and offers maximum growth. Yoga does not have to be a mystical practice to work; everyone can benefit.

Currently you can find me traveling between Cape Cod, Asheville, and San Diego leading local classes, events, and trainings. I am also excited to be a Master Trainer for Yoga Six, and you can find me jetting to their new studios popping up globally over the next few years! You can learn more about me here.


What the Golden Mind is not, is the idea or suggestion that you can or should be happy all of the time. Instead, it is the awareness, trust, and inner-knowing that within you is the ability to find calm amidst the storm. It is the ability to feel it all. Compassionately. It takes practice; it doesn’t happen overnight. But it IS possible.

Yoga has countless physical benefits, and at its core is a practice of awareness. It gives you the opportunity to identify how you show up in times of stress and discomfort and also practice how to better respond (to these stressors) from a place of peace in a way that is life-enhancing instead of life-detracting. That is why it is called a ‘practice.’ It is a practice to live your best life.

With more practice, you create a new normal. Your life changes. You see things differently. Colors are brighter. You no longer react, but respond from a place of empowerment. You feel a greater sense of inner peace because you tap into your ever present inner light. This is what I refer to as the Golden Mind. It is present within everyone. With the right tools and support, you gain the ability to access your Golden Mind, access your inner peace, your inner light … anytime, anywhere. And with that comes freedom and the ability to create a life rooted in peace and of benefit to others.