About Me

Image: Creative Flow MP

A teacher’s teacher, Valerie’s classes and events are transformational. She has the ability to facilitate multi-dimensional experiences, helping her students connect to his/her own inner personal power. Valerie genuinely connects with and empowers each of her students, whether it is their first time on the mat or they have been practicing with her for years.

Passionate about sharing the tools to live yoga ‘off of the mat,’ Valerie spends much of her time working one-on-one with students offering her wisdom + experience to live life more skillfully and engaged.

On the mat, her authentic teaching style blends functional alignment with dynamic flow, a dose of humor and plentiful opportunities for self-inquiry. With a strong focus on the breath and intelligent transitions, Valerie is an expert at holding space for her students in a way that allows for maximum growth on and off of the mat.

Just like mindfulness, yoga is a practice. It is a lifestyle. What starts with awareness of the breath and physical sensation, leads to awareness of the thoughts. Of the emotions. Of the habitual patterns in one’s life. Because to ‘live a life of yoga’ means to live a life of alignment, in which one’s thoughts, words, and actions are aligned. It is a life of integrity and authenticity: to oneself and the world at-large. And Valerie commits to this daily practice in everything she does.