GMP School of Yoga

The Golden Mind Project is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, offering a 5-star rated 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification program as well as ongoing Continuing Education courses for current teachers.

200HR Yoga Teacher Training

If you are looking for a 200hr Training that is experiential by design, then this program is for you. What sets it apart from the other 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings is its unique schedule created with the sole intention of eliciting maximum growth.

And growth is a guarantee.

You will learn not only how to facilitate a safe, intelligently-crafted, trauma-informed, multidimensional yoga class, but you will experience what it means to live yoga while actively applying yoga’s wisdom to your everyday life.

We dive right into teaching over the course of the very first weekend, and spend a significant amount of time in posture clinic, breaking down how to safely guide students in and out of poses, offering trauma-informed assists, as well as modifications to cater to your unique students.

Even if you have no intent to teach yoga, you will deepen your wisdom of yoga philosophy and your ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater skillfulness and ease. Whether you choose to teach traditional yoga classes or not, you will come out of this training a teacher & leader within the community.

Already a certified yoga teacher?

Awesome! I guarantee that this 200hr training will still rock your world and offer you tremendous growth and tools to better serve and support your students. I have had a couple graduates that had previously completed a separate 200hr YTT. They each shared that they learned more, grew more, and connected more with the group in the very first weekend than they had in the entirety of their past programs.

Even if you are not interested in completing an additional 200hr YTT, I offer a multitude of online (and in-person) trainings, apprenticeships, and personal + spiritual growth incubators for teachers that are committed to growth. CEUs are offered for all programs.

Yoga Alliance

The 200-HR YTT program is a registered Yoga Alliance school and operates as an affiliate school of The Yoga Professional. The curriculum not only meets the predetermined criteria set forth by Yoga Alliance but also holds a 5-star rating. Participants in this program can rest assured that the training they receive is of the highest quality, and the result of participation will equip them to lead a safe, effective yoga class with confidence and great skill.

Do you own a yoga studio and want to learn more about how to bring any of these programs in for your local community? Contact me here.