Yoga Studio Immersion

Bring your team together in this in-studio or online 2-Day immersion

“Everyone has a Why,” says Simon Sinek, author of several books, including “Leaders Eat Last” and “Start with Why.” “Your Why,” he says, “Is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.” When you know why you are doing something, it makes every decision in your journey, project, service or movement, easier.

I will help your teachers connect to their personal Why, as well as to your Big Picture Studio Why, and show your team new ways to apply that Why to every class they teach.

As a studio owner, you can be confident that your teachers are offering classes that are not only safe and in alignment with your personal brand, but also have the ability to connect with each and every student that walks through the door leaving them excited for more.

Maintain your individual style and unique voice AND:

  • grow your class sizes, retention rates, and membership conversions
  • connect to your WHY and learn to apply it to every class you teach
  • build confidence in your teaching
  • learn the difference between teaching and facilitating and why it matters
  • learn how to read the room and positively impact the energetic space
  • increase your capacity to tap into the heart of your students
  • create multidimensional experiences for your students instead of simply a workout
  • enhance your understanding of language and how to use it to empower your students
  • grow in your ability to create safe, supportive, intelligent sequences
  • expand your awareness of yoga history and how it affects us today
  • deepen your understanding of learning styles and how to support each unique student (no matter their practice history) in feeling seen, supported, and connected

Yoga Studio Immersion

What to expect:

Most studios opt for the virtual immersion, however in-studio options are also available.

Saturday + Sunday

6 hours per day (plus a 30-min break)

12 hours of CEU available

Yoga Alliance

‘Throughout the process I have grown not only as a yoga teacher, but as a student of the practice I teach. I have grown tremendously in areas I was not expecting, like in my personal life and views on the world. I am so thankful to be able to share my love for the art of yoga with my students, thanks to Valerie and The Golden Mind Project.’

(Cape Cod, MA)

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