One-on-One Mentoring

Better support your students and EMPOWER them in their experience.

  • Build CONFIDENCE as a teacher and also in your ability to stand out from the crowd
  • Access the subtle body to elicit multi-dimensional shifts for your students
  • Fine-tune your cues and delivery through use of dynamic languaging + efficiency of language
  • Gain skills to connect with each and every student in the room, whether it is their first time on the mat or they’ve been practicing with you for years
  • Learn the difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘facilitating’ and why it matters
  • Embody the teachings to teach from a place of wisdom
  • Advance your understanding of functional alignment + ability to modify to the needs of your individual students
  • Safely assist your students through mirroring, verbal cues, and skillful hands-on guidance from a trauma-informed approach
  • Increase your sensitivity to the energetic field, learning what tools to implement + when
  • Gain access to themes, playlists, workshop ideas, and additional resources
  • Learn how to work one-on-one with private students and create personalized yoga plans
  • Tap into your passion + PURPOSE
  • Develop your brand and business model
  • Increase your confidence as a teacher, your student-retention rate, and your overall reach
  • Catapult your growth as a yoga teacher and leader within the community

As your mentor, I will act as your mirror, providing objective feedback and insight into what is working and what can be adjusted for greater effect. You will grow exponentially as a teacher, setting yourself and your students up for success. We will work together to create a package that it unique to YOU and to your specific needs and goals.


Successful completion of a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and a commitment to service, inquiry + growth.


We will connect every other week (twice per month) for 90-minutes via Zoom (or in-person if applicable). Working one-on-one allows us to focus on your unique needs as they come up. Therefore, the sessions will look different teacher to teacher, week to week. Live sessions allow for real-time applications and feedback and is the quickest path to sustainable growth.


I recommend working together consistently for a minimum of 3 months to achieve the greatest results. Some teachers get what they need in those 3 months, others like to maintain an ongoing relationship to continue their growth.

3 months (paid in-full)
3 months (paid monthly)
6 months (paid in-full)
6 months (paid monthly)
month-to-month (paid monthly)
*after 3 month min.

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With almost 30 years of mindfulness practice, choosing to teach yoga was a natural shift for Valerie. Her classes and events are transformational. She has the ability to facilitate multi-dimensional experiences, helping her students connect to his/her own inner personal power. After working directly with teachers and studios around the US, she is now offering her mentoring services online. She is passionate about this practice and about sharing it with others so they too can experience what she calls, ‘The Golden Mind.’