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Live Virtual Yoga

(I have pressed pause on my Live Classes)

I hope to return to the mat soon for some more live classes as well as offer you some pre-recorded content. Be sure to sign up here for my newsletter to stay up-to-date with workshops, trainings, and pop-up events . If you are interested in setting up private classes for you or a small group, please contact me here.

yoga & wellness retreats

Join my friends and I at Your Yoga Team on this Virtual Yoga & Wellness Retreat for a blend of yoga classes of all types, meditations for all levels, insightful workshops to take your yoga off your mat, and the comfy connection that can be felt from your own home space.  

Our intention is to curate an experience that allows you to meet your unique needs, schedule, and interests; and we understand that your needs can change day-to-day and moment-to-moment. So we are now offering a hybrid of both LIVE and prerecorded content

This way, in the truest, most Self-focused practice of Yoga, you can hone in on what it is that you are really needing in each given moment and move in a way that honors those needs.

You may wake up and feel energized and want an invigorating power class!

Or, you may decide that you could benefit from some space and slow-moving, juicy, mindful movement.

We are giving some extra treats to the first people that sign up, so ACT FAST!

If you register by Friday, November 5th, you will also receive these FOUR special bonuses:

  • 6 Common Yoga Poses for All Students: a look at alignment, benefits, variations, and common misalignments by Valerie Ugrinow
  • Breath Reset: mini practices for daily living by Maggie Thomas
  • Meditation Hacks E-Book by Rebekka Mars
  • Being with Gratitude by Colleen O’Brien McFall