Learn to navigate life’s challenges with grace & ease.

Go beyond the physical yoga ‘asana’ practice and dive deep within the teachings of yoga in this transformative six-week online program, designed specifically for those of you ready to gain inner-peace, clarity, and freedom from mental turbulence.

Yoga experience not required!

Follow along at your own pace

If you are curious about Yoga Teacher Training for the personal growth, but do not necessarily want to teach yoga, THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you are a Yoga Teacher that wants to expand and embody your understanding of yoga philosophy and ultimately enhance your ability to serve your students, THIS IS FOR YOU.



  • You have considered doing a traditional yoga teacher training to deepen your understanding of the practice, but are more interested in the personal growth than the anatomy and skills to teach a class.
  • You have considered doing a traditional teacher training, but do not plan to teach yoga and cannot commit to the full investment or schedule.
  • You are either new to yoga or have been practicing for a while and are looking for more.
  • You are interested in living yoga ‘off of the mat.’
  • You keep finding yourself in the same situations, relationships, etc and are looking to break the patterns.
  • You feel exhausted and/or overwhelm.
  • You experience anxiety.
  • You are done with the drama and are ready to be in the flow.
  • You experience unworthiness and being “not (fill in the blank) enough.”
  • You have a desire to feel more inner peace.
  • You are ready for growth and lasting change.
  • You are ready to invest in YOU and in your future.


  • You are not willing to do the dirty work.


  • A deeper understanding of yoga and how to apply the ancient teachings to your everyday life.
  • Insight to where in your life you are getting stuck and/or repeating patterns, and tools to help you move forward and break those patterns.
  • What it means to live in alignment, why it is significant, and insight to where you are out of alignment and how to get back on track.
  • Clear techniques to use in times of intensity/stress/overwhelm/drama to return to your natural state of peace.
  • Daily practices to experience more joy & fulfilment.
  • Effective communication skills that will allow you to speak your Truth while minimizing drama and enhancing your relationships.
  • Small , accessible, effective steps that you can take everyday to create sustainable change.


I am already a yoga teacher; is it worth it?

Absolutely! Being a yoga teacher simply means that you are committed to growth and to living this path of inquiry and integrity. Many 200hr (and even 500hr) YTTs fall short in that they prepare you how to teach a yoga class, but they do not offer the tools to transform your own life and embody the teachings. Through this program, you will obtain greater clarity and tools to not only enhance your own life, but also better support your students on their unique journey. Registered yoga teachers are also eligible to receive 10hrs CEU.

How much time will I need to commit each week?

Each week includes a 90-minute prerecorded LIVE call that you can watch at your own convenience. In addition, you can expect to spend up to 1 to 3 hours between sessions to complete the required coursework. Keep in mind, your ability to integrate the tools throughout your day is what will have the biggest impact in creating lasting change. The time you choose to commit may be different person to person.

What can I expect?

The beauty of this program is that you get to take it at your own pace while still receiving live support along the way. Throughout the process, you can expect some reading, journaling, living yoga, laughter, possibly some tears, and lots of ah-ha moments. Most importantly, expect the unexpected. Growth happens in different shapes and forms and will be unique to your experience. Keep an open mind and trust the process.

Are there any LIVE sessions?

By participating in The Golden Package, you will receive two live 30-minutes one-on-one sessions with Valerie to help hold you accountable, process new information, and give you direct support in maximizing your success. These sessions are held on Zoom and scheduled at your convenience.