Yoga Teacher Training

Virtual and In-Person Trainings available

The Golden Mind Project is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, affiliate of The Yoga Professional, offering a 5-star rated 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification program as well as ongoing Continuing Education courses for current teachers.

The Golden Mind Project 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is designed for students who want to become certified yoga teachers, as well as those with a desire to dive deeper into the art and science of yoga, grow in their practice, deepen in self-understanding and gain a greater knowledge of yoga philosophy, body alignment, and anatomy. You will learn and develop the key elements necessary to teach a fun, safe, and effective yoga class as well as important skills that will positively serve all aspects of your life.

Our Teacher Training program offers an empowering approach to education, teaching, and what it means to craft an experience that truly supports students for success. As a participant in our program, you will receive a well-rounded education that meets and far exceeds the curriculum standards criteria as defined by Yoga Alliance.

If you are looking for a 200hr Training that is experiential by design, then this program is for you. What sets it apart from the other 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings is its unique schedule created with the sole intention of eliciting maximum growth.

And growth is a guarantee.

You will learn not only how to facilitate a safe, intelligently-crafted, trauma-informed, multidimensional yoga class, but you will experience what it means to live yoga while actively applying yoga’s wisdom to your everyday life.

We dive right into teaching over the course of the very first weekend, and spend a significant amount of time in posture clinic, breaking down how to safely guide students in and out of poses, offering trauma-informed assists, as well as modifications to cater to your unique students.

Even if you have no intent to teach yoga, you will deepen your wisdom of yoga philosophy and your ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with greater skillfulness and ease. Whether you choose to teach traditional yoga classes or not, you will come out of this training a teacher & leader within the community.

Yoga Teacher Training

Why The Golden Mind Project?

Established in 2009
We are a long-standing 5-star program in operation for over a decade offering the highest caliber education. Graduates of our teacher training are highly respected not only because of their refined skills and confidence but also the embodiment of yoga.

Intelligent Program Design
Created by leading industry expert, Katie Brauer, designed to maximize learning, facilitate life-changing transformation, and give you a solid foundation and the tools to teach skillful multi-dimensional yoga classes.

1000s of Successful Graduates
Our student’s results speak for themselves. Thousands of graduates have gone on to live more skillful and fulfilling lives, and those that have chosen to teach have built successful careers.
Empowering Community
Forge deep nourishing relationships and make life long friends. Immerse yourself among like-minded peers dedicated to integrating the teachings and living yoga while making a difference in the world.

Teacher Training Curriculum

Techniques, Training, Practice: 75 hours


  • Historical context
  • Poses specific to different lineages + specific to our school’s lineage
  • Complete sequencing (asansa, pranayama, meditation) to achieve particular effect safely + effectively
  • Anatomical and alignment principles and contraindications

Pranayama + Subtle Body

  • Historical context
  • Map of our multidimensional body
  • Effects of pranayama on anatomical and subtle body
  • Complete sequencing of pranayama safely, including alternatives and adaptions
  • Ujjayi, nadi shodina, kapalabhati, and more


  • Knowledge and exploration of the 8-fold Path, specifically pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi
  • Introduction to a variety of meditation techniques
  • Introduction to chanting, mantras, and mudras
Professional Essentials: 65 hours

Teaching Methodology

  • Practical and subtle aspects of teaching methodologies
  • Sequencing
  • Cueing + languaging
  • Conscious communication
  • Environmental attunement + class management

Professional Development

  • Understanding the yoga landscape
  • Professional organizations
  • Scope of practice + code of conduct
  • Continuing education
  • Professional standards
  • Liability insurance
  • Waivers, invoicing, etc.


  • Knowledge, skills, experience
  • Leading peers in practice and class experience, the art of giving and receiving feedback, and assisting and observing others teach
  • Mentorship, feedback, integration
Anatomy & Physiology: 30 hours

A comprehensive overview of the physical body, bones, muscles, bodily systems and organs, and the subtleties of the energetic body.


  • Major bones
  • Type of joints
  • Major muscles involved in asana
  • Types of muscle contraction


  • Nervous system incl. ‘fight, flight, freeze’ stress response, vagal theory, overall mind-body connection
  • Cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine, digestive systems as they relate to yoga practice
  • Respiratory system incl. muscles that affect breathing, involuntary vs. voluntary breath, how air enters and leaves the body


  • Types of joint movements
  • Joint stabilization
  • Safe movement as it pertains to balancing, stretching, awareness, trauma
  • Contraindications, misalignments, adaptations
Yoga Humanities, Philosophy, Ethics, Living Yoga: 30 hours


  • Yoga definitions
  • School’s lineage, style, and methodology
  • Dates and key ideas such as the Vedas, Vedanta, Hatha, Colonial, Modern
  • An exploration of the history of yoga, pre-Vedic age to the classical era, and the evolution of the tantra and its applications to daily life.


  • Definition of yoga and key terms
  • Relationship between asana, pranayama, meditation per school’s approach
  • Familiarity w/major yogic texts (I.e. Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga, Pradipika)
  • Self-reflection on how philosophy relates to the practice


  • Awareness of yoga sutras or similar yogic ethical precepts
  • Relationship to Yoga Alliance Scope of Practice and Code of Conduct
  • Comprehension of and responsibility to increase equity in yoga
  • Accountability measures
  • Self-Reflection on how yoga ethics relate to practice and teaching
Bonus: Business of Yoga: 50 hours

A leader at the intersection of yoga + entrepreneurship, Katie Brauer has you covered!

You get access to the latest and the greatest when it comes to setting yourself up for success and yogipreneur. Review industry trends and develop an understanding of how to stand out from the crowd, set up your business basics, get the low down on scheduling classes, getting set up online, marketing, and managing private clients.


Your lead facilitator, Valerie Ugrinow, is the creator of The Golden Mind Project, Master Trainer for YogaSix (the fastest growing boutique yoga studio in the US and largest franchised yoga studio worldwide), and an expert at curating multidimensional experiences – including holding space for her students, allowing them to connect with their own personal power – on and off of the mat. With almost 30 years of mindfulness experience and passionate about sharing the tools to live yoga, outside of leading trainings, Valerie spends much of her time working with students, teachers, and studios owners to create a practice that is accessible and transformative.

Katie Brauer, Program Creator, is called a “powerhouse yogi and rising leader” by Forbes. An international yoga educator, high-performance coach, personal transformation expert, and mentor at the intersection of yoga and entrepreneurship, Katie has over 2-decades of teaching experience. An Aussie native and former professional snowboarder, Katie has been featured in TEDx, Wanderlust, Entrepreneur, Gaiam TV, and more. She was the creative force behind the fastest growing boutique yoga studio and created 5-star ranked 200-hr and 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training Certifications that have graduated thousands of leaders.

Yoga Alliance

The 200-HR YTT program is a registered Yoga Alliance school and operates as an affiliate school of The Yoga Professional. The curriculum not only meets the predetermined criteria set forth by Yoga Alliance but also holds a 5-star rating. Participants in this program can rest assured that the training they receive is of the highest quality, and the result of participation will equip them to lead a safe, effective yoga class with confidence and great skill.

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