Fall 2019 YTT Schedule

Our YTT schedule is unique in that it is designed 100% around the content, not merely out of convenience. A strong foundation is constructed and momentum is built within the first 3 weekends, and then there is a break to allow for space and integration. Followed by more momentum/growth and another break before ultimately wrapping up the 8 weeks with a ceremony and celebration. This design elicits the MAXIMUM growth from its participants, and with over 1,000 graduates nationwide has proven to be highly successful.

WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
1October 10Thursday6pm9:30pmWelcome – The Journey Begin

October 11Friday12:30pm7pmHistory of Yoga & Philosophy

October 12Saturday12:30pm7pmMaps of Yoga

October 13Sunday12pm6:30pmPranayama & Posture Clinic
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
2October 18Friday6pm9:30pmPhilosophy & Living Yoga

October 19Saturday12:30pm7pmTeaching Methodology

October 20Sunday12pm6:30pmPosture Clinic
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
3October 25Friday6pm9:30pmThe Art of Assisting

October 26Saturday12:30pm7pmPosture Clinic

October 27Sunday12pm6:30pmPractice Teach 1
Weekend Off
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
4November 8Friday6pm9:30pmYoga in Action

November 9Saturday12:30pm7pmAnatomy Part 1

November 10Sunday12pm6:30pmAnatomy Part 2
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
5November 15Friday6pm9:30pmMeditation Techniques

November 16Saturday12:30pm7pmPosture Clinic

November 17Sunday12pm6:30pmPractice Teach 2
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
6November 22Friday6pm9:30pmSequencing Methodology

November 23Saturday12:30pm7pmPosture Clinic

November 24Sunday12pm6:30pmIntegration
Weekend Off
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
7December 6Friday6pm9:30pmIntro to The Chakras

December 7Saturday12:30pm7pmPosture Clinic

December 8Sunday12pm6:30pmPosture Clinic
WeekDateDayBegin EndTopic
8December 12Thursday7:30pm9:30pmTeaching Skills and Prep

December 13Friday12:30pm6:30pmPractice Teach 3

December 14Saturday12:30pm6:30pmEthics & Business of Yoga

December 15Sunday12pm6pmFinal Wrap Up & Celebration